Our Process Our unique process and technology save you money and time!


Risk Analysis Learn about your needs and find potential risks

Even though the commercials tell you quotes take “15 minutes” you don’t want to hang your future on that small span of time.  We go through a process that has been time-tested to ensure your life and goals are not disrupted by an accident or unfortunate event.  read more…


Customize a package One needs are defined we can easily mitigate risk

Once we know your potential risks we can see that a cost-effective plan is in place.  A quote can get you a price but it can’t ensure your family is safe from financial ruin or burdened by frivolous lawsuits.


Monitor your needs We will continue to monitor your risk as your needs evolve

A plan is great but what happens when you make more money and buy newer vehicles.  Not only do you have more to insure, you have more to lose.  Our technology and experience will make sure your plan is up to date going forward.

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Bridgett Peebles-Popp

Bridgett Peebles-Popp Personal Lines Agent

Bridgett has spent her entire career in Customer Service in Shawano.  Bridgett’s attention to detail and friendliness are unmatched.  She is also a registered Notary

Amy Vue

Amy Vue Personal Lines Agent

Amy has been an agent for 8 years with us.  She specializes in Personal home/auto packages.

Brenda Gast Customer Experience Rep

Brenda has spent most of her career in insurance and healthcare.  She is a valuable addition to our team and can help with any policy or billing questions.

Tonia Lagunes Customer Experience Rep

The Perfect Package! Packaging or Bundling your coverages can save you money and huge time!

Deductible Savings

One benefit of packaging your lines of coverage like Car and Home insurance is a single deductible.  Sometimes you may only pay one deductible in a year or in the event you have a claim on both home and auto you may only pay one deductible.  read more…

Combined Billing

When you package your policies, for instance: Car, Homeowners, Life and Boat; you will see it all on one bill rather than four separate bills.  This saves you money and saves trees!  This method also affords you special payment modes like monthly EFT when some policies usually collect a full year up front.

Discounts. Big Time!

Many people know when you bundle or package your Car and Home insurance you get discounts on both, sometimes up to 25%.  What people don’t realize is that you can also get discounts on Life insurance…in some cases the discounts you receive overall can pay for your life insurance coverage!

Valuable Excess Liability protection

The most important reason to bundle your coverages with one carrier is that you are eligible for a very inexpensive one million dollar umbrella policy that covers all your assets.  It enhances your vehicle liability and your home not to mention Toys like ATV’s and snowmobiles or boats.  

Frequently asked questions Some of the questions we hear every day

How often should I review my insurance coverages and rates?

The best answer for this is “annually”.  As you purchase new property or your family grows new risks will present themselves.  It is important to review these changes with your agent.  Most Insurance companies change their rates once per year.  Switching companies every year is not always going to save you money in the long-run.  Today’s insurance companies reward longevity and use very competitive rating strategies to keep your premiums low.

Is renters insurance required in Wisconsin?

While renters liability insurance is not required by law in Wisconsin many landlords or property groups will require your certificate of coverage in order to rent a space.  Renters insurance can not only cover you if you are neglegent they will also cover your personal property in the event of a fire or most water losses. 

Are the insurance companies on TV the cheapest?

Most insurance companies that advertise on TV or the internet and Radio advertise low rates.  While most of these companies do not pay an agent to handle your questions or concerns they do have employees and TV ads are not free.  Usually it is just a marketing angle.  You will find that some of these companies give you a better introductory offer and the rate changes later.  In most cases if you have a question you will be calling someone for help that lives thousands of miles away.  We are here and the companies we represent want to make you happy and keep your premium low.  We only represent top carriers with great claims practices.  read more…

How much Liability coverage do I need?

How much liability insurance you require will depend on the risk you are injuring and how much in assets you have to lose.  Anyone can sue you for any reason, if you are driving a vehicle out there keep in mind that while your car may only cost $30,000 you are driving around people with possibly more expensive vehicles or maybe they are pulling something very valuable.  Also keep in mind medical costs.  Liability will defend you in court for property you damage as well as medical expenses someone has as a result of an accident.  Even simple x-rays can cost thousands.  read more…

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Satisfied customer

Rated 5 out of 5
April 26, 2021

I am a frequent customer with lots of requests as I maintain a large fleet of cars and toys. The staff is always friendly and courteous with my requests. This is the main reason I stay a loyal customer. Great job


Customer Service

Rated 5 out of 5
April 14, 2021

We have had insurance for many years with the Wallrich Insurance Agency. They are very friendly and respond quickly to any questions we may have.

Would definitely recommend them .

Beth G

Our Agent Partners Our agents can help you find your answers

Cap Wallrich

Cap Wallrich, AFIS President / Agent

Cap Wallrich has been in the insurance business for over 40 years.  He has a strong commercial and farm background.  If you have difficult or obscure risks he can find a coverage for it.

Aaron Wallrich

Aaron Wallrich Vice President / Agent

Aaron Wallrich has over 20 years of insurance experience and is a fourth-generation partner at the Wallrich Agency.  

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